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Focus on strategic development. Hilton has a BSc degree in Natural Sciences, a degree in Electrical Engineering, and an IMM Marketing Management Diploma.

Managing Director


Jason is responsible for all accounting and company administration functions, and supports both sales and strategic development activities. His qualifications include: B Compt (of Accounting Science), Business Management III, Articles Completed.

Finance & Administration Director


Oversees all company functions with a focus on Marketing and Procurement. Her qualifications include: Cert. Marketing , Advanced Diploma Business Managment , BTech Business Management.

Director & General Manager


Heinrich is responsible for all source-to-shelf functions. Heinrich has extensive experience (20 years+) in the logistics and supply-chain field with exposure in the perishable food, stationary and baby feeding accessories markets.

Director and Procurement & Supply Chain Manager


Fountain Medical is a market leader within the marketing segment “Mother & Baby & Infant Feeding” in Southern Africa.

The company is recognised as being innovative and highly serviced-orientated and maintains a high level of expertise while providing consumer support. It is recognised for expertise in both clinical and infant-care sectors and is a member of relevant regulatory bodies.